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About us

We are developers of the digital ecosystem! We work to make the most of technology and solve business challenges to achieve results.

We are Tekton Technologies, and for over 17 years, we have been passionately dedicated to our mission: creating technology and solving problems through process automation and digital transformation. We thrive on challenges and stay at the forefront, always seeking to guide you towards process optimization and simplification.

What motivates us:

We think differently and innovate in our processes, which is why our developments focus on the power of information and relevance. Our goal is to optimize processes so that this data yields truly good results, and we can help with each of our solutions in the development of the country and the companies that trust us as their technological allies to enhance themselves in the market.

Why do we do what we do?

We facilitate the processing

of data interpretation and application for business cases (KPI – Business Intelligence).

We make your business relationship

with sales and procurement channels and the end consumer more productive.

We enable understanding

of market dynamics and price behaviors.

Our team is

expert, interdisciplinary, active, and practical that makes its knowledge available to you to go beyond the request and deliver the result you need promptly in your company