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Digital Business Management: Operation and Compliance

We offer our outsourcing services with a suitable team with extensive experience in e-commerce processes, following a fixed-rate model according to the volume of the operation.

We develop BPO models

“Turnkey” digital business process outsourcing (BPO), where we take care of all e-commerce processes:

Customer Service and Q&A

Catalog Management

(Publishing quality, images, descriptions, prices, inventory. CRUD of products)

Logistics Management

Picking & Packing, Shipping, Logistics Provider Management, Return Control.

All Processes

Pre-sales, Sales, and Post-sales processes. Lead acquisition, lead nurturing, and retention for: B2C stores and reseller or distributor portals (B2B2C).

We Have Partnerships

With leading logistics operators

Commercial Management

Lead Acquisition

Lead nurturing and retention for: B2C stores and B2B2C reseller or distributor portals

Distributor Management Processes

Sales control, returns, treasury, inventory control, reconciliations.