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Experts in AWS

Our team holds AWS certifications, giving our clients the opportunity to leverage 100% of the resources offered by this powerful platform.

Cloud Migration

Our team will carry out the migration of critical workloads to the cloud, leveraging AWS services to reduce costs and enhance scalability. This will enable greater flexibility in resource management and the ability to adapt to changing demands.

Development of Cloud-Native Applications

AWS developers will work on building cloud-native applications using services such as AWS Lambda and Amazon S3. This will enable automatic scalability, high availability, and a microservices architecture that will enhance user experience and accelerate development time.

Data Management and Advanced Analytics

Our team will focus on implementing data storage and analytics solutions on AWS. This will include adopting Amazon RDS for managed databases and Amazon Redshift for large-scale data analytics. Advanced analytics will provide valuable insights for strategic decision-making.

Automation and DevOps

We will encourage process automation and the implementation of DevOps practices to accelerate software development and delivery. Tools like AWS CloudFormation and AWS CodePipeline will be used for infrastructure automation and continuous deployment.

Automated Document Translation

Our company utilizes AWS translation service to automate document and communication translation across multiple languages. This enables us to expand our global presence and provide services to a more diverse audience without the need for dedicated human translation resources.

Notifications and Communication

AWS SNS plays a crucial role in automating internal and external communication. We have configured automatic notifications to inform teams about critical events, such as the arrival of new orders, inventory updates, and changes in project status.

Automated Image Processing

Image processing on AWS is used for image identification and classification in data analysis applications. This is especially useful in the e-commerce industry, where we can automate the organization and labeling of product images, making them easier to search and manage.